A walk on the wild side.


There is no place more peaceful for me to enjoy than a natural area where humans have had little influence. Other nature enthusiasts might be able to relate to the powerful feeling of connection to the land and life I get when I stumble upon these wonderful places. I find myself at odds, because in those moments I am a human having influence on that area, however minimal my influence may be. To not see myself as a hypocrite, seeking and exploring these places is a great challenge. Every time I venture through these beautiful areas I impact them physically, I draw more attention to them, I pave the way for others to follow, but does that mean I stop enjoying them all together? Do I just enjoy my home and the nature that surrounds me and avoid walks down my favorite trail to avoid further impact from myself? Am I really a nature-lover if I don’t enjoy natural areas even though I know they might be better off without my presence?

Pondering my impact on these natural places is something I do fairly often, but to avoid them completely I think would not only effect me negatively, but the environment as well. This opinion comes from my view of interdependence. Without inner peace I would not have the energy to drive myself to have a positive impact within society to make changes towards a more natural relationship with the earth. I explore these places with consciousness and am aware of much of my impact to them and with that I find comfort as well. My journey continues long after I leave these wonderful wild areas but they remain in my mind as place to protect and preserve. These places provide me with the energy and motivation to continue my work in the environmental field and with that help I can make the positive impacts that I (and the generations of the future) are looking for. This is how I maintain balance and peace of mind in regards to venturing into the wilderness to explore and discover our natural world. To nature I say thank you, for allowing me to explore and for inspiring me to work with the rest of the world to help encourage a better future for all those involved.

Why Here? Whats goin down? You may find out if you read below :)

There are so many different websites available for humans to express themselves on the world-wide web, why WordPress? Instead of using social media sources such as Facebook and twitter to share my insights, stories and photos with the rest of the world I choose WordPress. WordPress seems to be the better way to express myself, even though this way I may never reach those individuals whom I very dearly enjoy sharing information with. To all of those who are willing to give this blog a shot and maybe check out a few posts, thank you for being here with me. Using technology as a way to communicate with others has always been a little daunting to me. Missing out on the other aspects of communication has been a frightening thought that my brain has dealt with for quite some time, but I am working on that fear. As I advance my skills and thought processes in regards to the world of technology I hope to gain more comfort (mentally) in communicating using technology. Now that you kinda know why I’m here, and if you want to keep reading more, follow me to the next paragraph where I will tell you a little about myself.

My name is Catherine Peters and I currently live in Nova Scotia, Canada. I was raised in this beautiful province which is almost completely surrounded by ocean which is fed by many lakes and streams. The forest here varies so much for being a fairly small province, so does the soil, rock and growing conditions. My exploration of this beautifully diverse area has allowed me to grow with a keen eye for natures gifts and a sincere appreciation for what nature is. I imagine many of my blogs will be centered around nature in some way, even the computer I am using was built from nature by nature. 

Nature is at my core, it is what I am and is what I am a part of. The human brain and its vessel (the body) is something very unique and powerful on this planet I will not deny. Living as a 24/25-year-old female with the words Free Me tattooed on my knuckles has, I think, added to my daily challenges. I tattooed them on myself as a reminder to myself to free myself from the constraints of society, government, media and all of the negativity in the world that prevents peace and harmony for all beings. I like to live my life working towards a world that instills peace and harmony for all beings and happiness and love for those able to experience it. For me this is when I will be completely free. I think probability dictates I will never experience complete freedom in actuality, I do however experience the feeling of freedom and for me that comes from keeping an open mind. I hope you enjoy my further writings.